BI Norwegian Business School


The student team 2021

Jonas Lindal

I am a third-year Economics and Business Administration student at BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo. I have been an active case solver since my first semester at BI and have participated in both national and international case competitions over the past two years. My last case competition was hosted online by John Molson Business School in Canada (JMUCC). In my spare time, I like to do sports or travel, but I won’t mind staying inside playing board games or/and having a drink with friends.

Joakim Rolfsøn

I am a third-year Business and Economics student at BI Norwegian Business School. Last spring, I went on exchange to St. Gallen, Switzerland, where I also had the opportunity to participate in a case competition for BI remotely. Throughout my case journey, I have competed in both national and international case competitions, JMUCC 2021 being the latest. Alongside studies and case competitions, I also work part-time as a Teaching Assistant at BI in courses such as Python Programming, and Predictive Analysis with Machine Learning. My interests are programming and finance, as well as wrestling, being a former athlete.

Vladimir Makhno

I am a third-year finance student at BI Norwegian Business School, and I have been doing cases since the first year of my studies. So far, I have participated in two international case competitions (CBS Case Competition and JMUCC) and multiple national ones. During that time, my team and I solved more than 10 business cases. Apart from my studies and case-solving, I enjoy running, yoga, and meditation. In addition, I play chess and do programming.

Eldar Olsen Cicic

I am a 22-year-old student attending my third year of Bachelor of Business and Economics at BI Norwegian Business School, with an integrated MSc in Business at the end. I am new to case competitions and have no noteworthy experience in the matter. However, I do have some experience within the shipping and air logistics through a summer internship following my 4th semester. My academic interests include finance, international trade, and their applications in the international market. Other than that, I like to scuba dive when the conditions allow it, preferably in waters south of the North Sea.


The coach


The BI Norwegian Business School coaches are Svein Lund (official advisor), Hilde Spæren, and Randi Druglimo.