Budapest Business School


The student team 2021


Dóra Felícia Nagy

I’m a member of the Budapest Business School Team! I came here to create innovative and effective strategies and ensure smooth communication and implementation plans. Besides my passion for case solving, I’m also a Bachelor’s student, president of Lámfalussy Sándor College for Advanced Studies, and change management and communications intern in the telecommunications industry. I’m determined to improve my personal and professional skills, broaden my horizon and step out of my comfort zone in order to experience life to the fullest. I am looking forward to meeting you all!

Vivien Bendik

I’m here to create meaningful financial analysis, plans and slides with the Budapest Business School’s team. Apart from being an experienced case solver, senior Bachelor’s student, I’m also a Senior Controller Specialist in the banking industry. In my spare time I usually meet with my friends and improve myself by taking extra courses. I’m looking forward to meet the cases and jury of ROCA 2021.

Nimród Németh

I am a college student at the Budapest Business School in his last semester. I study finance and accounting, but my specializations are investment and financial services. I enjoy being a BBS student and participating in such competitions. I have been involved in several national cases with my friends, but international events are the most exciting and biggest challenge for me. Outside of studies, I work for a consulting firm and my job is to manage public procurement and tenders.

Péter Salamon

I am here to create impactful solutions to problems. Our ideas are based on deep analysis and my out of the box thinking. I am currently studying in my final year in Budapest Business School. Apart from my studies, my creative solutions would come from my expertise of being an HR Intern, and I am grateful for the chance to show to the jury, that a better People Management how big impact can make. I am an experienced case solver and an aspiring HR Consultant I want to prove my skill as a problem solver and a presenter.

The coach


The Budapest Business School coaches are Gábor Lőrincz and  Zsolt Ábrahám.