Case Archive

ROCA case archive

Below are cases used in previous editions of the ROCA Competition. Use these as references for the format and information to expect at the next competition:

What makes ROCA cases different:

Unlike other competitions, ROCA’s host institutions write the cases used in the competition. These cases intentionally cover a broad range of interdisciplinary business problems. They have a strong focus on sustainability, leadership and shifts in the modern economy.

Prior to the competition, teams have advance access to a database of information about the companies featured in the competition. However, they do not receive the case itself until the day of the match. Case in-hand, teams have six hours to analyze the situation and prepare their recommendations. For each case, teams also have an opportunity to meet with representatives from the featured company.

Teams present their solution to a panel of expert judges drawn from leading companies, government and non-profit organizations, and the host university. Presentations at ROCA last 15 minutes followed by 10 minutes of Q&A (12 minutes and 8 minutes in the Championship Final). Teams receive oral and written feedback from the judges after every presentation.

For detailed information and the scoring criteria, see the official rules.

Partner with us:

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If desired, companies can choose to have their case published and made available for general use after the competition.