A general outline of competition week appears below.  A detailed program and planning will be provided closer to the start of the competition:


Thursday, October 20

15:00 to 18:00


Jury instructions & network event

location Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, location Kralingse Zoom 91,  Rotterdam

Sunday 13  November 

15:30 to 19:30

Opening Ceremony, including division draws

Monday 14 November 

Full day

Solving Case 1 (6 hours) followed by Presentations

Tuesday 15 November 

Full day

Solving Case 2 (6 hours) followed by Presentations

Wednesday 16 November

Full day

Solving Case 3 (6 hours) followed by Presentations

Thursday 17 November

Half day

Touring Day

Friday 18 November 

Full day

Finalist solving Case 4 (6 hours) followed by Final Presentations

Gala diner & Announcement of the winners