A general outline of competition week appears below.  A detailed program and planning will be provided closer to the start of the competition:

Tuesday 27 October Pre-opening Virtual Get Together
Sunday 24 October Opening Ceremony, including division draws
Monday 25 October Matches Case #1 (6 hour case)
Tuesday 26 October

Feedback sessions Case #1

Faculty Advisors Meeting

Student-Virtual Activity

Wednesday 27 October Matches Case #2 (6 hour case)
Thursday 28 October

Feedback sessions Case #2

Panel Discussion: Companies, alumni and faculty advisors.

Friday 29 October Matches Case #3 (6 hour case)
Saturday 30 October

Feedback sessions Case #3

Closing Ceremony (including announcement winners of each case).


Example: Results of the 2020 ROCA draw

Teams are assigned to divisions based on a combination of geographic region and a random draw held at the beginning of the competition.  Case preparation and presentation times will be set to ensure feasibility based on each team’s local time zone.

Times below are Central European Time (UTC+1).

Divisions for Monday – Case 1 (Facilicom Group)

Divisions for Wednesday – Case 2 (Arcadis)

Divisions for Friday – Case 3 (Port of Rotterdam)