Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics (2020)

Shaohua An

Shaohua is a junior student majoring in international marketing. She has successfully initiated two projects, actively participated in various competitions, and won 5 school prizes. She also likes volunteer service, such as participating in the United Nations Climate Change Conference and becoming the campus leader of the Conference. The team she led was rated as excellent executive team. In addition, she took part in many kinds of off-campus internships. She once participated in internships in the New Oriental institution and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank. Her hobby is shooting and editing videos, and she likes to record her life by photographing the VLOG.

Chendi Xiao

Chendi is a 20-year-old student majoring in Business Administration. During the past 3 years, she has been working diligently at her specialty and comprehensively improved her quality. Her score helped her to rank on top of her class, and her experience of taking part in some national competitions contributes to form her personality and skills. What’s more, her intense interest in her major affirmed her desire to learn more, so she became an ACCA learner. In her spare time, she likes to read books, listen to pop music, watch movies and do sports.

Ying Yao

Ying is a student majoring in international marketing. She has a good command of professional knowledge and her academic performance is among the best. Her personal experience is also very rich. She has worked as an intern in Beijing Rennengda Career Technology Co., LTD., Yunnan Yagi Technology Co., LTD., and the West Lake Branch of China Construction Bank in Nanchang, and won the title of Outstanding Intern. At the same time, she often participates in various volunteer activities. These experiences greatly enriched her after-school life and improved her comprehensive quality in all aspects.

Qinglin Yu

Qinglin was born and raised in northern China. He is a fourth-year Bachelor of Economics student majoring in finance. At the 2020 NIBS Worldwide Case Competition he gained his first case competition experience. The short-term study he had at Cambridge broadened his international perspective and cross-cultural experience. He plans to pursue a career in finance and is currently looking for possibilities to take his Master’s degree. In his spare time, he likes reading, cooking, boxing and travelling.




Kefa Yu and Xing Zhao