Plekhanov Russian University of Economics (2020)

Anastasya Gavristova

Active Member of the Student Council
Interested in Business and Management
Active Participant of Scientific Conferences
Publications in Economics and Management
International Volunteer

Ekaterina Ivanko

Active member of the Student Scientific Society
Interested in marketing, business and trading
Has several scientific publications in the sphere of Management
Active participant of international conferences
Professional artist and designer
Winner of several competitions in the fields of physics, business and science

Alexander Lazin

Hello, my name is Alexandr. I am a second year student at PRUE and I study management of organization in English. I have taken part in the international business week “Strategic Management in Global Economy”. I have also written scientific works about the effects of Covid-19 on Russian economy and a study of business process digitalization as well as other projects. My hobbies vary from playing computer games and cycling to debating and reading philosophic literature.

Elizaveta Pustovoit

Hey! I’m Liza, a 2nd year student of PRUE. I study management in English.

Participation in the International Business week at PRUE,  where I was the team leader and my international team won a 1st prize providing solution to the case of L’Oreal Paris.

Member of “Active School”, which involves students with active life position & extraordinary thinking for solving different business cases in teams. I had several interviews and got into 100 participants from 1200.

Participation in 4 scientific conferences (including international) getting prize places.

Studying foreign languages and drawing.




Dmitrii Enygin and Venera Mildova