Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (2020)

Koen Castenmiller

My name is Koen Castenmiller, fourth year student Finance and Control at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. In addition to my studies, I spend my extracurricular activities as Vice-Chairman within the Institute Participation Council of the Business School and as a Shareholders’ Council Member of the Rabobank Rotterdam. Besides that, I broaden my knowledge, partly through scientific research, as a Governance and Finance Analyst at the Governance University. By combining my acquired skills, I will provide innovative, financially supported solutions for business problems and thus win the ROCA Case Competition together with my team!

Bezhan Munavvar

I am an International Baccalaureate graduate who grew up in Switzerland and is currently studying International Business Management (3-year program) at Rotterdam Business School. During my bachelor’s program, I enjoyed doing assignments that involved businesses cases the most. This interest led me to join the Rotterdam All Stars Case Academy as a minor programme to pursue my interests in case-solving and develop interpersonal skills that I hope can be applied in future life ventures. I have a strong passion for basketball since elementary school and I believe this has strengthened my desire to perform in a team setting.

Olivier Vrijenhoek

I am a fourth-year student Business Administration at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Recently I participated in the Family Enterprise Case Competition where I obtained new skills regarding case solving. In addition to this I was part of the Business Pressure Cooker, during this semester long course, the focus was on cracking cases. This led me to the minor All Stars where I was also able to participate (and win!) the RICCB case competition. Furthermore I have gained valuable business experiences during multiple internships. Most interesting at DSBP, where I accompanied the trade mission of the Province of Zuid-Holland in China on behalf of the organisation committee.

Maarten Zwinkels

My name is Maarten Zwinkels and I am in the last year of the bachelor Global Marketing and Sales. In the first two years of my study I specialized myself in marketing. I did this by working on projects and being a marketing assistant for a big international flower company. The last one and a half years I’ve been focussing more on sales and case solving. For sales, for example, I set up an outbound sales process for the Dutch market, for Flixbus Charter. And since last semester I’ve been busy with case solving, something I really enjoy.




Matthijs Glerum