Universidad Panamericana (2020)

Jimena Álvarez Tostado Carranza

My name is Jimena Álvarez Tostado Carranza, I am currently in the fifth semester studying Administration and International Business.  My specialty in the club case competition is strategy and I love it, I think that having this specialty has led me to develop many skills and learn a lot.  Unfortunately I have no previous experience in case competition. My hobbies are going fishing, I love going diving and any activity that makes me be in contact with nature makes me very happy and calm, I also like to reserve time to enjoy my friends and family.

Carolina Hurtado

My name is Carolina Hurtado, I am 20 years old, in my third year of college studying Management and International Business. Last year I participated in UNICC (University of Navarra International Case Competition), I was part of the organizing committee of BMCC (Business and Management Case Competition) from Universidad Panamericana. I am good with languages, I love to travel and learn about different countries’ cultures and history, I especially like Mexican history and I love to read about it, I like photography and sports.

Ernesto Ornelas Flores

My name is Ernesto Ornelas Flores, I’m currently studying business management at Universidad Panamericana. My specialty in the case competition club is marketing. This will be my second case competition,  on February I participated in the Mcdonough Case competition at Georgetown. We managed to get to the final and although we didn’t win, I learned a lot from the teams. My hobbies are going to the cinema, play videogames, hear podcasts and spend time with my friends. I’m very interested in cinema and before quarantine I used to go every weekend. My favorite movie director is Christopher Nolan.

Fernando Preciado

I attended high school at UNIVA, which was focused on my classes in Business Administration. I obtained the excellence scholarship and graduated with a 9.5 general average. I am currently studying the eighth semester in the Bachelor of Administration and International Business at the Universidad Panamericana Campus Guadalajara. I have a 9.4 GPA. I was part of the representative team of the Univesidad Panamericana in the Copenhagen Business School Case Competition. I have belonged to the Case Competition Club for 2 years. I have studied about 10 subjects that use the case method for planning the subject.  I am passionate about poetry, I like to draw, paint, exercise and go out with my friends to drink beer. I like to travel to nature, I enjoy spending time with my family. Sometimes all I want is to admire a sunset on the beach or lose myself in the immensity of the early morning sky and lull myself to the melody that the sea produces with its waves. I consider myself a creative, hyperactive and enterprising person.




Claudio Vázquez and Ana Cristina Gonzalez