Erasmus University, Rotterdam School of Management (2021)

Felix Fuhlendorf

I’m a current second-year student in the International Business Administration programme at the Rotterdam School of Management. Before pursuing my career in Business, I was on the verge of playing handball on a professional level in Germany. Now, alongside my studies, I live my competitive side through case solving.


Lars Schöningh

I’m currently a second-year International Business Administration student at the Rotterdam School of Management. I am Dutch/Canadian, having parents from The Netherlands, but I grew up in Montreal, Canada. I have competed at two international case competitions and am greatly looking forward to the ROCA competition. In my free time, I really like listening to music and traveling!

Moritz Reimann

I am 20 years old and from Germany. I am currently studying International Business Administration in my second year at the Rotterdam School of Management. Besides my studies, I am passionate about case solving and doing judo in my free time.

Leo Espitalier Noël

I’m a half Finnish, half Mauritian second-year student studying International Business Administration at Rotterdam School of Management. Aside from my studies, I teach first-year students, play football against teams around the Netherlands, and of course, solve business cases as a member of the RSM STAR Case Club. My main interests revolve around the financial markets, sports, and spending time with friends.




Willem Koolhaas