Corvinus University (2022)

Éva Molnár

I am currently starting my 3rd year at the Corvinus University of Budapest as an International Business student. I got acquainted with case solving and business strategy problems right at the beginning of my first semester and I became interested in consulting too. I completed 4 courses in total to be able to apply to these case solving competitions. I believe it is a great opportunity to broaden my business knowledge and actually be able to use the learned material solving real life cases. I quite enjoy presenting as well, however it is still an area that I would like to practice a bit more. If I had to choose what my favorite part of case solving is I would say it is when the whole team brainstorms and creates unique and creative ideas and plans. Furthermore, from my point of view these competitions are also a great way to get to know more people and gain a better perspective of the whole world. All in all I am really looking forward to competing at the ROCA case solving competition and acquiring unforgettable experiences.

Fanni Fakli

I am Fanni Fakli, and this will be my 4th year studying commerce and marketing at Corvinus University of Budapest. During my studies, I’ve always wanted to gain real-life experiences and find opportunities to be able to overcome my limits. This is how I’ve met with case solving, and I have completed all related subjects. What solving cases means to me? It has the excitement of solving challenges, the fun part, because of the teamwork, and the opportunity to use our creative sides. I am looking forward to competing at ROCA, and meeting the other teams too!

András Zareczky

My name is András and I am a 4th year student studying applied economics in Corvinus University Budapest. In my major I mainly learn the theoretical applications of economics ttherefore I wanted to start something which provides a closer look at different industries and shows me how businesses work. That is why I started case solving. Also I really like when a good team comes together and we laugh and have fun during case solving because it gives me great memories. Also competitions have a unique atmosphere where I can meet a lot of exciting and enthusiastic new people. With that said I am really looking forward to meet you guys!

Trisztán Tóth

My name is Trisztán, and this is my third year studying International Business at the Corvinus University Budapest. I met case solving in my very first year during a course, and up to date I have completed 4 case solving courses. Real- life experience has always been an important factor in my studies, and on my future journey aiming to become a business consultant, these courses provided a stable base for me. I consider myself quite a competitive personality, so I look ahead for the opportunity to truly test and engage my knowledge. ROCA will be my first international competition, it will certainly be a big step ahead, and I excitedly look forward to both the challenges, and meeting new people.




Miklós Kozma