Universidad Panamericana (2022)

Karla Paola Hernández Hernández

My name is Karla Hernandez, I am currently in my fifth semester of Business and Administration along with the Talent Management career. I have participated in several international events such as: the International Business Week at the Russian University of Economics Plekhanov (2021), UTSCC of the University of Technology Sydney (2021), JMUCC (2022), among others. In addition, national competition events organized by the Universidad Panamericana (2021,2022).

María Paula Veloquio Hernández

My name is Paula Veloquio, I am currently in my third semester of Administration and International Business degree. I am one of the newest members of the team, meaning that this is my first international competition with Universidad Panamericana. Nevertheless, I have participated in a couple internal competitions where I’ve acquired several skills and knowledge.

Daniela Peralta Soto

My name is Daniela Peralta Soto, I´m 18 years old and I´m from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. I study the bachelor of Management and International Business at Panamericana University, currently in my first semester. My biggest passion has always been languages -I speak spanish, my mother tongue, english and french- as well as getting to know other cultures, one of the main reasons why I chose my bachelor. I also love public speaking, writing and subjects related to business, like accounting. I´m a big fanatic of art, music and philosophy, being able to play the xylophone and quad toms.

Abraham Almaraz Gómez

My name is Abraham Almaraz, I am currently in my fifth semester of my Administration and Marketing degree. I have participated in three international case competitions such as: UTSCC University of Technology Sydney Case Competition (2021), MBSCC Georgetown McDonough University (2022) and JMUCC John Molson Undergraduate Case Competition (2022).
I love to go running, run half marathons, sign up for trail races, play with our little dog, and spend time with my family. I also love to eat (my favorite foods are pasta, pizza, and tacos). I’m a calm person but also competitive in what I like to do.




Alejandro Garcia Casas