University of Belgrade (2022)

Marija Stojanović

Currently at my final year at University hoping that I will soon get my Bachelor’s degree in Management. I’ve been competing in case competitions for three years now and I am thrilled to be in this one with my team. It helped me the most to develop analytical thinking and decision making process. Also, I am a long-time Red Cross volunteer. I really enjoy spending time in nature and outdoor activities. My teammates like to say that I am a Design and PowerPoint master.

 Aleksandra Krstajić

An undergraduate with major in IT, but also a marketing enthusiast. Enjoys all activities that allow expressing creativity and gaining new knowledge. Passionate case competitor, with experience over three years in different industries, but above all a team player that believes that the secret to success always lies in the quality team work.

Dušan Višnjić

An undergraduate with major in IT. Passionate about new technologies and business models that can change the world. Strong proponent of creativity and hard-work. Believe in learning through action. Avid competitor in business case competition. Fitness enthusiast. Summer product manager intern at Microsoft.g.

Staša Stamatović

A soon to be graduate in management sciences. I am strong willed and competitive and through 4 years of case competitions I’ve learned a lot about team work, mutual understanding and having fun while solving a high pressure case task! I am also a creative that likes working on different diy projects and I feel that’s where I have primarily developed problem solving skills.




Slavica Cicvarić Kostić