Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (2020)


The student team


Koen Castenmiller

My name is Koen Castenmiller, fourth year student Finance and Control at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. In addition to my studies, I spend my extracurricular activities as Vice-Chairman within the Institute Participation Council of the Business School and as a Shareholders’ Council Member of the Rabobank Rotterdam. Besides that, I broaden my knowledge, partly through scientific research, as a Governance and Finance Analyst at the Governance University. By combining my acquired skills, I will provide innovative, financially supported solutions for business problems and thus win the ROCA Case Competition together with my team!

Bezhan Munavvar

I am an International Baccalaureate graduate who grew up in Switzerland and is currently studying International Business Management (3-year program) at Rotterdam Business School. During my bachelor’s program, I enjoyed doing assignments that involved businesses cases the most. This interest led me to join the Rotterdam All Stars Case Academy as a minor programme to pursue my interests in case-solving and develop interpersonal skills that I hope can be applied in future life ventures. I have a strong passion for basketball since elementary school and I believe this has strengthened my desire to perform in a team setting.

Olivier Vrijenhoek

I am a fourth-year student Business Administration at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Recently I participated in the Family Enterprise Case Competition where I obtained new skills regarding case solving. In addition to this I was part of the Business Pressure Cooker, during this semester long course, the focus was on cracking cases. This led me to the minor All Stars where I was also able to participate (and win!) the RICCB case competition.
Furthermore I have gained valuable business experiences during multiple internships. Most interesting at DSBP, where I accompanied the trade mission of the Province of Zuid-Holland in China on behalf of the organisation committee.

Maarten Zwinkels

My name is Maarten Zwinkels and I am in the last year of the bachelor Global Marketing and Sales. In the first two years of my study I specialized myself in marketing. I did this by working on projects and being a marketing assistant for a big international flower company. The last one and a half years I’ve been focussing more on sales and case solving. For sales, for example, I set up an outbound sales process for the Dutch market, for Flixbus Charter. And since last semester I’ve been busy with case solving, something I really enjoy.


The coach


The Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences coach is Matthijs Glerum.