Be a Volunteer

Are you a full-time student at Carleton?  Interested in business case competitions?  We’d love to hear from you!

Volunteering for ROCA offers opportunities to build your résumé, expand your horizons, and make  valuable social connections:

  1. ROCA attracts over 80 students and faculty representing top business schools from all corners of the globe.  You’ll get an international experience right here in Ottawa, and have an opportunity to form lasting friendships that could take you around the world.
  2. Volunteers are welcome to attend many competition events, giving you a chance to network with sponsors and judges from companies looking to hire top students.
  3. Want experience managing and organizing complex projects?  There’s no better way to learn than on-the-job training.  Volunteering for ROCA will prepare you for senior student roles within the school and for your career after graduation.
  4. Interested in competing at case competitions but not sure whether it’s right for you? Volunteering for ROCA gives you a front-row seat to watch presentations and compare dozens of case solutions.

We need volunteers for the following roles:

Event Logistics Set up / tear down spaces for events: Move furniture, set up banners, manage registration, assist with A/V and other on-site duties as required.
Lounge Monitor Maintain judges’ and coaches’ lounges. Act as host to judges and coaches and provide assistance when needed.
Prep Room Monitor Bring lunch to teams, handle team requests, prepare room for team arrival and clean up after team departs.
Presentation Room Monitor Prepare presentation room, upload presentations, provide water for judges, and resolve issues that arise during the case presentations.
Timekeeper Keep time and ensure rules are observed during case presentations.

Expressions of interest in any of the above roles should be submitted via email to the ROCA Organizing Committee at