Welcome to ROCA

A word of welcome from ROCA’s host institutions


Sarah Wilton-Wels, Chair of the Executive Board, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

Welcome to Rotterdam! I am very proud to welcome you to the Rotterdam-Carleton International Case Competition. Not only do I think you will have a great time in our city but I also firmly believe in this way of learning. Working together in teams to solve problems is truly exciting. ROCA will be an experience that you will always cherish, I’m sure!

You will be staying at the Novotel, just opposite one of our buildings: Kralingse Zoom. And that is where our Rotterdam Business School is located. Whenever I am in this beautiful building, I feel the ambition and drive of our students. They convey a sense of: hello, I’m here and ready to go out and conquer the world! And I think it is wonderful that they can study in this very new building. Part of the building is completely new, and other parts have been renovated. Not only does it look beautiful with all the woodwork and huge windows, but it is also a sustainable building. Salvaged materials were used quite a bit for the renovation, and the upholstery for the seats was made from old jeans and underwear.

That was just a fun fact to share with you but an example as well of looking at things differently. In Rotterdam we are not just working hard for the future, we are focused on challenges that we are all facing. How can we contribute to a circular economy? How do we address the ethical aspects of AI? How can we ensure equal opportunities for all?

Complex issues like these make the Rotterdam-Carleton International Case Competition all the more interesting. I am sure you will have a great competition and I hope you will really enjoy it. It is great that you have gathered here – in our beautiful Rotterdam. Thank you for that. You are the future!

About Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences & the Rotterdam Business School

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences has more than 36,000 students and more than 3,500 employees. There are a wide variety of programs to choose from across all educational sectors, with the exception of the agrarian sector. Our education is closely connected to developments in the metropolitan region of Rotterdam.

Over 12,000 students and 800 staff members study and work within Rotterdam Business School on financial, business, commercial and international business study programmes. We share the same drive. We are here every day to contribute to the development of young people.

No one knows what the business world will look like 10 years from now. One thing is for sure, it will be totally different than it is today. More digital, international, sustainable, more social and versatile. What organisations primarily ask of our students, is to be able to cope with change. That they are capable of taking on new developments and turning them into advantages. That is exactly what we teach them, and that’s why we say: our students are the future of the business world.

Rotterdam Business School reflects the city with its cultural diversity and a practical approach to contemporary issues in which education, professional practice and practice-oriented research go hand in hand.


Jerry Tomberlin, President and Vice-Chancellor, Carleton University

On behalf of Carleton University and the Sprott School of Business, welcome to the Rotterdam-Carleton International Case Competition. We’re delighted to be co-organizers of this important international event.

ROCA is a unique partnership between two of the world’s leading business schools. It reflects our philosophy of collaboration, our belief in the value of experiential learning, and our shared commitment to positive change.

Universities were established to create and share knowledge. They also have a responsibility to prepare students to address the big challenges facing our world. ROCA was conceived with that goal in mind. Our aim is to encourage young people to expand their minds, imagine possibilities and harness the power of teamwork to solve complex problems. In bringing teams together from around the globe, we also showcase the benefits of diversity, inclusion and the exchange of ideas across boundaries.

ROCA cases are more than just interesting business challenges. They are opportunities for you to think differently and develop solutions that are ethical, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable. We are delighted to share them with you and excited to explore your ideas and resolutions.

Best wishes for an amazing and transformative week.

About Carleton University & the Sprott School of Business

Carleton University is a leading research and teaching institution located in Ottawa, Canada’s capital.  Our scholarly community includes 32,000 students from more than 100 countries.  We’re renowned for our academic excellence, global perspective, and supportive learning environment.

Sprott is Canada’s most forward-thinking business school.  We offer innovative programs that prepare graduates for the challenges of tomorrow with the knowledge and skills they need to make a positive difference.  Our active, experiential approach gives students the opportunity to apply classroom learning to real-world challenges and opportunities.

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